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Today's nails came from complete and total boredom and a love for a polish I recently bought.  A few weeks ago CVS ran a huge closeout sale on Revlon's.  I went and was underwhelmed.  But I did pick up a cherry scented red and a matte white called Powder Puff.  This is not that white.  I actually kind of hated the Powder Puff.  It was streaky, dried surprisingly slow for a matte polish and it had an odd sort of frosty finish.  Awhile later during the Sally winter closeout I picked up a bunch of Orly's and when I got home I realized that I was one shy of  having the whole Holiday Soiree collection.  What was I missing you ask?  THIS polish.  Au Champagne.  I really didn't want to buy it because I don't need anymore whites and I thought for sure it would be a frosty mess.  But it's actually one of my favorite polishes from this year.  It dries almost matte but it has a wonderful suede-y type of finish.  It looks EXACTLY how I wanted Powder Puff to look.  I kept it on a full day before adding this art to it.  I'm not sure what really inspired the art but I used my Models Own art pen and then after the lines were on I decided to add some dots and....voila! This.  Lol...the dots are done with the suede version of OPI Ink.  Then I Seche Vite'd the top for a shiny finish. :)
Enjoy and thanks for following! Are there any polishes you thought you'd hate that you ended up loving?

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  1. I love Au Champagne so much! One of my favorite polishes, probably of all time

  2. Au Champagne is one of my FAVORITE polishes! I used it a lot with my Christmas designs. So pretty!

  3. lol you are so "out there" in a good way - nothing you do is boring xx


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