Trimming the tree...

4:55 PM

It's day two of Traditions Week with The Digital Dozen. Today I have a simple design for you.  When I was a child my mother had this little glass Christmas tree with plastic lights that you push into the holes on the tree and a little green star. The tree plugged in so that when you turned it on the light came through the plastic pieces.  There were a few little birds and butterflies on it as well.  At any rate each year she'd get out the little tree and hand me a little can of the lights and I'd spend hours gathering just the right ones and putting them in the little holes so that no colors were right next to one another and there were so many birds and so many butterflies. It's a great Christmas memory for me, and even though I no longer decorate the little tree it was definitely a tradition in my house!  So today I did some simple little green trees and then some "lights" for my other nails! 

Did anyone else have one of these?! Check out the other girls art below!!

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  1. I remember those trees! Sigh...warm fuzzies. I love the holidays and all the traditions.


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