Christmas Lights...

3:28 PM

Today I have a sort of generic look for you but it's still reflective of traditions so I think it fits this week's Digital Dozen theme quite well!  Every year my husband and I get a new ornament to reflect something that's happened to us over the past year. We have one from the year we were married, one that's a Presidential ornament from our year spent in Williamsburg, a yellow submarine from our year of Beatle mania and loads more. This year I finally got around to making paw print ornaments with my kitties as well.

 I'm really sad that I missed the opportunity to do that with my very first kitty, Eoghan, because today on the anniversary of his death, I'd love to have it to look at. :(  These little string lights are just sort of representative of decorating the house. I hope you enjoy them. Check out the other girls art below!!

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