The Digital Dozen does....Pinterest Inspired!

5:00 AM

It's time for another week with The Digital Dozen!! This week our challenge is to use inspiration from Pinterest.  I go through short phases where I pin loads of things to Pinterest but in general, I really don't use it at all so I went a little bit of a different direction on this one.  Ever since I did a week of Christian Siriano I've been DYING to do a week of nails dedicated to another designer I love.  I haven't really gotten round to it yet and this was a PERFECT opportunity to do it! So this week I've chosen pins from Pinterest from one of my favorite designers; Kate Spade.  Check out the pin that inspired these nails below!! :)

Kate basically chooses really simple, classic patterns and then she uses those designs throughout her line.  Aren't these sneakers awesome? Check out the other girls artwork below!!

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