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So it's day two of the Pinterest challenge with The Digital Dozen and I'm still rocking the Kate Spade nails!! One thing I love about Kate is that even though she has a lot of different patterns in her line, almost all of them can be mixed together and look totally awesome. So today I've mixed two of her patterns together to make a fun look.  I always love striped nails...really stripes in general! I wear them fairly often.  I also love monochromatic nails because they look clean and graphic and they can go with anything.  This is one of those great patterns that allows you to swap out the accent nail for various looks without a ton of work.  At any rate you can check out the pins that inspired me below...and that watch is on my Christmas list if anyone cares to know *hint hint* ;P

How cute is this little set up?  Stripes are a common Kate Spade pattern and they're featured on bags, dresses, planners, etc...but 'tis the season, right? :P

How beautiful is this watch?  I love how the hearts look like they're falling into place!

Check out the other girls inspirations below!!

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