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It's day three of Fandom week with The Digital Dozen! I've had a difficult time narrowing ideas for this week because while I'm a fan of many things, I've also dedicated lots of mani's to said things!  Back in 2012 I dedicated an entire week of my blog to Harry Potter, in March of last year I covered The Lord of the Rings, Avatar, Star Trek, and Star WARS. Then in September of 2013 I revisted LOST, having done a full week of those in April of 2012.  That same year I covered The Hunger Games in a tiring twelve part series. Oh and who can forget the Dr. Mario nails or the Pokemon themed ones!  So while I DID try to come up with new themes, it turns out I've covered many of them already too!  In any event no fandom is complete without Harry Potter.  This round I've chosen to go sort of simple and I did some house colors with various emblems. I hope you enjoy them! Don't forget to check out the other girls art below!

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  1. They're gorgeous. I really like the shiny base colors. Adds a bit of regality to the houses :-)

  2. You picked the perfect base colours. The ring finger is definitely my fave.

  3. LOVE! I am so happy that with each of your manis so far for Fandom, they are instantly recognizable.


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