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In case you didn't guess from the title, these are my Nintendo fangirl nails!  I went for some original console love here.  My family was actually quite conservative and we didn't have any game systems until I was in my early teen years. At the risk of showing my age here (lol) we got our first console, the NES at a yard sale. I thought it was the greatest despite the fact that at the time the Playstation...yes...the original Playstation...was the big hype.  I think Nintendo was on like, N64 around that time.  At any rate we used to play the heck out of some Zelda and Mario on that thing.  Kids today have it good with all the memory cards and auto saves.  In those days, you played til you died and then you started over.  One or two games were nice enough to give you a save file or a save CODE which you had to quickly jot down and hope you didn't lose before you played next. Ahh...the good old days... Check out the other girls art below!!

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  1. The original nintendo is what I grew up on so it'll always be my favourite. I even downloaded a bunch of the games for the Wii...I think they're my favourites. I love the stripe-y patterns you created to go with the controller. They're really pretty!

  2. classic! Instantly recognizable - what I grew up playing!!!

  3. I like the different shades of grey together!

  4. The old games consoles were the best! Since the Playstation came out I've not really been into games consoles. They just don't compare.

  5. Awesome!!! I loved the original and super Nintendos the best!


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