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9:30 PM

Apologies for being so slow with the posts here lately.  I've had lulls before, usually due to health issues or work but this time it was for something I never wanted to face.  My grandma passed away on Thanksgiving Day.  It was somewhat unexpected and it's been very hard on my family and I.  I'm trying to get back into the game here and do some nail art but I'm just really not feeling it lately.  A week before she went I spent a day in the hospital so it's just been a tough time all the way round. That said here's a design I did awhile back.  I was sort of playing with different techniques and trying to use some fun 3D nail accents.  It came out pretty well I think.  I love the ring finger with the negative space.  Which is your favorite?

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  1. i love that colour, the deep red is beautiful! thoughts are with you and your family

  2. Love the mani! Hope you're coping ok.


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