Flashback Friday: Reindeer/Rudolph

5:00 AM

It's the final day of the Digital Dozen's Winter Wonderland challenge week. For today's look I wanted to recreate a design that I did for another challenge several years ago! It continues to be my most popular post of all time and it's ironic because it was a design I just sort of threw together at the last minute! So these nails are based on this post, which was part of a 31 day challenge I did in 2011.  The days challenge was Rudolph and/or Reindeer.  Thing is I was SO sick that day and it had snowed so of course it was FREEZING outside.  I was already twelve days into the challenge and I wasn't about to miss a day so I hauled myself out of bed and threw together this look with reindeer pulling a sled.  As almost an afterthought I added a little red nose to the lead reindeer and while I was happy with the look it certainly wasn't what I considered my BEST work.  Sometimes that's the way it works out!  I still think the lighting was better in my original post but there has been just NO sun whatsoever recently here and while at that time I had days off I now have an 8-5 job so it's fairly dark when I get home.  SO...that said. The original look is below.  I still had most of the original polishes so I used Models Own Bloo Bloo again for the base with a topper of My Blue Lacquer's Space Lift.  I added a snowy gradient to the bottom this go round, painted a little bag onto the sled and stamped my reindeer in brown rather than black, although I think I prefer the black deer.  I also did Rudolph's nose a bit smaller! Which look do you prefer?

Check out the other ladies art work below!!

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  1. The lighting may have been better originally but I can see a definite improvement in your work.

  2. This is a great manicure to re-do. The original was good but you've definitely improved!

  3. OMG i didn't realise you used the same polishes! both looks are great. The new one is more "pro", but I love the way the light sparkles in the original.

  4. Beautiful! I love both versions, but it is fun to see how you've grown and improved over the years!

  5. I'm super jealous that you can position your thumb that way to make it a seemless continuation of your mani; I tried to turn mine like this as much as I could on my farm theme nails but it just wouldn't do it!

  6. Awesome throw together design and recreation!

  7. I love both of them! They are perfect! I agree with Debbie, I like the light sparkles in the original.


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