Field of diamonds....

11:43 AM

So these are probably the most intricate nails I've done in quite some time.  They are loosely based on a French Connection dress I saw on Tia Mowry.  I spotted it again later on Mindy Kaling and I was like, OK this is happening...

Cute right? A lot of it is sequins which catch the light differently depending on how the photo is taken and I didn't really Google the dress until after the fact! I saw it first on Tia's Instagram which no doubt was filtered so the colors were really vibrant in contrast to when Mindy wore it. I went more with the vibrant color palette of the dress in the photo from Tia's Instagram. I felt it was better paired with the white than the muted tones. But I suppose it's sort of an abstract take. I really loved the purple and pink flowers so I started with those and then filled in the rest with some glitter and black to make it similar to the dress. Also how cute is Mindy in this pic? I love her. Her show is not really funny but I still love her. Lol...I hope you enjoy the art! Thanks for following along!

Here's Tia in the dress at an event! See how the different lighting makes it look completely different?!

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  1. The dress is gorgeous and so are your nails :)

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  3. I may have had a real derp moment and thought, "Oh my god - she looks just like Mindy Kaling!"

    Those nails are fantastic. A great homage to the dress

    1. Haha!! Lol we all have our moments! Thank you!

  4. i really enjoy doing nails inspired by dresses and prints too!! can't wait to do it again, maybe we can post together sometime :)

  5. follow to follow?

  6. yep, really really like this! what a great pattern x


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