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Well it's been just over a month with no internet but FINALLY I've got it all sorted! Now that we're all settled into our new place I can't wait to get back to posting more frequently! Let's face it, this girl NEEDS to polish her nails!  They've been so sad and polish-less for the past month.  Although I must say I snagged the Gwen Stefani for OPI collection a week or so ago and I'm LOVING the colors. The satins are must haves! The metallic is also wicked cool. I also picked up the glitter (like I needed another holo glitter) and the pink (cause I wear SO much pink) so I can't wait to use them in some designs!  Until that's all ready to go though, here are some nails I did back in December which haven't made an official blog appearance yet!  I really love this Argyle glitter and I wanted to use it with a gradient cause for some reason I'm kind of digging the whole glitter/gradient look right now. Also, with a lot of combo's you can do this in like, five minutes with ZERO tools.


Of course, with a bulky glitter like this one, that's not really so easy to do! But I enjoyed the final look anyway! Thanks to all of you for sticking with me through the ups and downs lately! And welcome to all of my new followers! :) Don't forget to enter the Digital Dozen Loves You Giveaway by visiting the link on my sidebar. It's an EPIC giveaway with lots of prizes and winners! 

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  1. This is so pretty and I'm a fan of the diamond glitters for sure ~

  2. wow! those golds seem perfect for a gradient!! can't wait to see :) i also love this top coat!


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