The Majestic Okapi...

8:22 AM

It's day eight of the Digit-al Dozen's celebration series, The Digit-al Dozen, Does it All Again! Today's challenge was animals! I don't know why (although I have some theories!) but it seems that last time animal week came round I was sort of MIA. So this is my first animal design for The Digit-al Dozen!  If you know much about me, you know I am a zoo LOVER. I go to my zoo at least once a week and even in the winter. So I wanted to go a bt outside the box on this one because there are a lot of under appreciated animals with GORGEOUS coats. This is an Okapi!  Here's a picture of an actual Okapi for reference:

Isn't he pretty? Even though he has zebra like stripes he's actually related to the giraffe. Even cooler? No one really knows what his stripes are for although they might be so that their babies can find them more easily in the wild.  He's a mystery but I love him. :)  I hope you love the nails too!!

Please don't forget to enter the September Specatcular for your chance to win a $200 gift card! And check out what my fellow Digit-al Dozener's came up with by clicking the link below!!

Colors Used:
China Glaze Call of the Wild
Zoya Raven and Purity

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  1. I love Okapis! I saw them at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. They are beautiful and you did a fabulous job recreating the pattern.

  2. Such a crazy animal and you captured it in this mani wonderfully!

  3. insanely gorgeous! I loved your okapi inspired nail art gradient! Spot on!

  4. I've never seen an Okapi before!! This has just blown my mind. And you've captured the okapi coat in this manicure perfectly!

  5. such a great inspiration! I really do love this!

  6. I love that you chose a different type of animal to do! SO creative :)

  7. wow! that guy is cool!! the mani is a great interpretation!!

  8. So cute and creative!! Love that you choose a really unique animal and then executed it so well

  9. This is one of the most magnificent things I have ever seen!! LOVE!!! :)


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