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Today I want to share with you a fairly new product from CND.  It's called Vinylux and it's an extended wear polish system that offers the benefits of gel polish (super shine, quick dry and long wear) without the hassles (removal GRR), dangers (UV exposure) and cost of the gel systems.  If you're like me, you probably don't use gel polish at all.  In fact, until I was working in a spa I never used gel because I changed my polish so regularly that it wasn't really an issue.  Now, however, I've grown a bit out of polishing everyday and as I'm in the process of relocating to a new area, moving, changing job, and a whole slew of other things it seemed like a good time to NOT have to worry about polishing for a week or two!  It's also about HALF the cost of gel polishes. Please don't mind the kitty hair in the above photo. Aoife loves new polish too! 

So the system is easy: Buy a top coat and a polish color. There are over 62 colors to choose from (not enough for a polish addict like me BUT plenty for now and then!) and they do offer a number of finishes including cremes, shimmers, and duochromes.


This is the color I chose. It's called Pretty Poison.  This is an indoor shot.  It's actually a really stunning color. It's going to be perfect for fall!  The application of this is pretty easy too. They recommend no base coat and for extra long wear you can use a nail prep like Scrub Fresh or Bond Aid. I was skeptical of the dark color though so I went ahead with a base coat anyway.  One thing I didn't like was the consistency. Where gel polishes are super thin, this stuff is super thick. Like SUPER thick. You really have to wait about 2 minutes between coats or it's just going to drag away what you've already done. It looked kind of a mess when I had finished two coats but the top coat evened everything out perfectly. THEN you have to wait ten minutes for it to dry. That's the major polish to gel polish difference. BUT when you factor in the extra time it takes to cure gel polish it probably evens out the same. Now about that shine....

Hello! The shine is no joke on these. It really does mimic gel polishes and honestly, the shine is what I love most about gel!  Now I wanted to test the wear on this for you guys but the day after I put this on I was called into work for a special project and...well nothing was gonna make it through that mess. Though surprisingly, while normally these projects would demolish my polish, this time I only had a bit of tip wear. Still, I want to try it with the proper prep and with a more average amount of wear and tear. So very soon you'll see this again! What I can tell you is that removal is a BREEZE and with one coat of base I had no stains. So I feel good about it! :)  

What do you all think of Vinylux Weekly Wear polish? Would you like to see more colors?

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  1. love a wear review on this- looking forward to it, thanks!! (not for me lol)

  2. I'm going to have to pick this one up the next time I'm in Cosmoprof :)


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