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It's time for another post in my Who Are You Wearing? blog series!  To remind you (it's been WAY too long!) in each WAYW post I will be copying the nail art of a famous person for you to see.  Even though these celebs are getting their digits professionally dressed up, most of the art they're getting is totally accessible to even  beginner artists!  I'm going to show you the celebrity nails, tell you what you need to have and do to achieve them (in extreme cases I'll be telling you how you can wear the trend at home) and then show you the recreation of the nails.  So here we go with the number twp in the series!!

This is graffiti art that a certain young, trendsetting starlet sported a few months  back. I love that it's sort of dark and almost Halloween like but also totally colorful and fun! It looks sort of complex but it's really just lines and blobs so this is one of those art projects that you absolutely cannot screw up! So what will you need to achieve the art? You'll need a black, green, purple, and blue polish and a white striper. They've used a pearly white in the picture but I went with a simple, stark white. You will also need a sponge (I used a triangle makeup sponge).  Start by polishing all nails black and then top coating and allowing that to dry. I used Seche Vite so I was ready for step 2 in 15 minutes.  Next add the white stripes using a striper brush. If you like, you can top coat that nail because it's done!  Then work on adding the colors. I started by sponging white onto my pinky and middle nail.  Make sure to wipe most of the polish off the sponge before you apply it to the nail. You want it cloudy and spotty not opaque.  Then use either the sponge or just the brush (I used the brush) to splodge green and purple bits onto the index and pinky nail.  Your pinky is done at this point so again, you can top coat if you wish. On the middle finger, add a splodge of blue (I used a purple/blue shift for some added flare). Then use your striper to add the design to the index finger and the star to your middle finger (you can stamp if you want it more uniform). Top coat and...voila! Done! I kept the thumb black with colored spots like the pinky but that's your call again, it's not shown. Here is my recreated version:

You can see that I used a more solid white and that I also used a color shift on my middle finger. I think these could be awesome with a matte top coat as well but of course they won't last as long!  So who is the lovely lady I copied these nails from?

If you guessed Demi Lovato, give yourself a pat on the back! I LOVE her and I'm really digging these graffiti style nails! If you try this at home, I'd love to see your results so feel free to email them to me at BeePolished@yahoo.com. Use the subject: Who Are You Wearing!!

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Colors Used:
Zoya Raven
Models Own White Nail Art Pen
OPI Who The Shrek Are You
Essence Gabriella
Ozotic 532

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