In a MINT-ute...

7:00 AM

Well it's the final day of the Digital Dozen's tape mani challenge week. For today I wanted to use tape in a different way and this is one of my favorite color combo's! I had some gold nail strips on hand anyway that I received in a swap ages ago. I used the other half of the box on accent nails so I decided to use these in a new way! I used some fancy scissors and cut them into shapes. Then I adhered them on top of the polish and top coated to finish. The finished look was really stunning! I have to say, this week has challenged and very much inspired me. Some of the things the other ladies did are just out of this world. I definitely want to try to experiment more with tape! I hope it inspired some of you as well! Don't forget to check out their amazing designs for today!

Colors Used:
butter LONDON Fiver
Sally Hansen Gold Glitter Nail Strips

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  1. I don't know why but this made me think of Charlie Brown's shirt. With the zig zag stripes on the front? Cute idea using the strips like that! Very inventive.

  2. Such a gorgeous combo! Fiver and the gold look stunning together! :)

  3. I love that you used the strips as tape - such a cool way to add some flair!

  4. I think mint is my favourite colour on you xxx

  5. gorgeous! i really like this color combo can hardly ever go wrong with minty colors, they pair so well with so much!

  6. Love! Super classy! And gorgeous on you!

  7. This mani is so cool. Thanks for a great tip on what to use those left over stickers to


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