Petal Pushers

10:05 AM

Yesterday's challenge for the Purple Crumpet Fairy was to do a blossom tree.  First I thought I wanted to do Japanese cherry blossoms.  I love cherry blossoms and they always look so pretty on a nice, muted blue green background.  But I've already done cherry blossoms twice now...a bit better the second time I think!  So I didn't want to do that again. And I wanted to go in a little bit different of a different direction with the color and shape of the flowers.  So here are my first lily-like flowers. Obviously they need a bit of tweaking but I think they came out rather nicely under the circumstances!!  I apologize for the horrendous quality of this picture.  I really need to try to remember to bring my camera to school with me!!  I hope you all enjoy and thanks for following!! :)

Base coat is: butterLONDON Teddy Girl
Flowers are: Catrice Sir!Yes!Sir!, Models Own Utopia, and OPI Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI

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