Happy Valentines Day!!

8:44 AM

It's Valentines Day!! I hope everyone has a chance to celebrate with the person (or people!) they love the most today! As for me, I will be working. :( But I'll celebrate another time. :)  Today is also the start of the Purple Crumpet Fairy Spring Challenge. And it begins with an apt theme: Valentines nails! I did these nails in class today and I had a plan for them which changed about 15 times ove the course of an hour and I ended up with these.  The red stamping on my accent nail smeared a little when I topcoated which is weird because that never happens to me with Seche Vite...but they'll only be on a day so I suppose it's not that big of a deal! I also stamped the hearts in the moon area AFTER I had painted on the moons which in retrospect was the hard way of going about things!  But it came out rather nice I think.  Especially considering that Valentines Day nails are NOT my most favorite kind :/.  At any rate...these are done with OPI Red, China Glaze Dance Baby, Revlon White on White, and konad colored polish.  Enjoy and everyone have a safe and happy Valentines Day!

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