Sunday Stamping: Green

6:23 PM

So I joined a new challenge group recently.  I know what you're're already doing A LOT of challenges. And it's true, I am.  But I don't know how often I'll do these challenges it's just something I'm playing with right now.  I have a TON of stamps and yet I hardly use them.  When I first got started with nail art I got them because, when used properly, they create instant and stunning art.  But since I've gotten more into free handing, I almost feel lazy using them.  I want to find a way to, ultimately, combine both free handing and stamping to make crazy amazing mani's!  So the Adventures in Stamping group I hope will inspire me to use my stamps in new ways.  This week's stamping challenge was green.  Myself being the environmentalist I am, I immediately wanted to do something to do with recycling and 'green' living.  But...that idea was scrapped when I found that I have zero stamps with anything to do with anything 'green'.  So instead I used GREEN polish.  It's vegan, three free, and thanks to a special offer...actually was FREE for me.  I'm talking about Zoya of course.  I have a love/hate relationship with Zoya and you'll see why in my picture...

The base for this was Zoya Jewel and the stamp is BM-225 using Zoya Veruschka.  If you look at my ring finger, you'll notice why I hate Zoya polish.  This picture was taken about half an hour after I did this mani and along the top edge of that nail and also along the top side of the middle finger, you can see it cracking as it peels off my nail.  I don't have this problem with any other brand (so far) and before you ask, I've tried a ZILLION top/base coats and nothing seems to help the issue.  It doesn't ALWAYS happen.  But when it does, it sucks.  So as you can imagine these didn't last long.  Shame because I wanted to take a picture in the sun.  Zoya Jewel is SO sparkly! Anyway I hope you enjoy the nails and thanks so much for following!!

Do you have brands of polish that just don't work with your nails?

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  1. Beautiful! Love the colors and the stamp! I have issues with Zoya too. It bubbles like crazy on me.

  2. This looks beautiful! Very classy and pretty!Colors are great!

  3. Love that stamp! butterLondon chips off my nails really quickly, but I'll probably stick it out for colors I especially like. Especially fascinating because you and I flipflop about this - you ♥ butterLondon and I ♥ Zoya

  4. i love this one Bee, really classy xx

  5. This is so super pretty! The design came out beautifully! :D I hope I can stamp well enough to photograph my results one day.


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