Put your Dupes Up: The Wyndam vs. Flecked

10:32 AM

It's time for another edition of Dupes Up! This weeks contenders:

Nails Inc: The Wyndham Top Coat from the Special Effects Sets
Retail Cost: $10 (set of two with Kensington Teal for $20 at Sephora.com)
Finger Paints: Flecked  from the Special Effects Collection
Retail Cost: $5

I'll start by saying these were incredibly hard to photograph in the bottle.  I tried in artificial light, natural light, sunlight...it just wasn't working.  This didn't make it any easier:

Everytime I bring polish out Aoife just HAS to come investigate.  She's made off with more than one polish while my back was turned.   At any rate they are both green flakies which flash blue in certain lights.  The basic appearance of them in the bottle is the same but the Nails Inc. is a bit clearer where the Finger Paints is in an almost yellowish base. (It reminds me of the glow in the dark polishes.)

Photo taken outdoors. Natural light.

This is the result of them on the nails. Can you tell the difference?  

Photo taken outdoors, Natural Light. Wyndham on left and FP Flecked on the right.
Much like the Essie and Deborah Lippmann gold glitters, the only real difference here is that the Nails Inc. flakie has a little more coverage on the first go than the Finger Paint version.

Photo taken outdoors. Sunlight.
Here they are in full sun. These are both swatched over Hard Candy The End. You can see in these pics that the flash is exactly the same.  Same size flakies and everything.
Photo taken outdoors. Sunlight. Wyndham on the left. Flecked on the right.

A closer look at them in the sun.  You can see better in this picture that the Nails Inc Wyndham top coat has much better coverage.  I thought it also had a better formula.  The flakies spread easier on the nail and the brush is MUCH superior to the flimsy, thin Finger Paints version.  However, Finger Paints doesn't require you to purchase their flakies in a two pack and they're more widely available and HALF the cost.  So like the Lippmann before it, you could easily use two coats of the Finger Paint to get the same coverage and thus have an actual dupe. There is also a blue/purple leaning flakie in the Finger Paints special effects collection which I'll be swatching next to another Nails Inc top coat. So stay tuned for that!  

Verdict: Close enough for spades. :)  

Where to buy:  Nails Inc. Special Effects two packs can be purchased at Sephora.com for $20 and at Sephora.co.uk for £20 each.  Finger Paints Special Effect polishes are available at Sally's locations nationwide on January 1, 2012.
'Til next time! Enjoy and thanks for following!

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  1. Love this! Do you have any of the other Nails Inc. flakies to compare to the Fingerpaints ones?

  2. Thanks! I do have one other Nails Inc flakie to compare Emma!

  3. Awesome comparison! You make it better for shopping!!

  4. This was super helpful! I just snagged the finger paints polishes and I was thinking about using my skeptics giftcard to snag the other polishes on Sephora, but I think I'll stick with my little FP flakes! Thanks a billion! My wallet thanks you too.


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