Put your Dupes Up: Pure Pearlfection vs. Twilight

3:28 PM

It's time for another edition of Dupes Up! This weeks contenders:

 Essie: Pure Pearlfection from the LuxeEffects collection
Retail Cost: $8
Orly: Twilight  from the Holiday Top Coats Collection
Retail Cost: $7

I know what you're thinking. She's crazy, right? These look nothing alike.  I would agree with you at first glance...but there's more to these two than meet the eye. 

Left to Right: Orly, Essie, Orly, Essie

I apologize first for the awkward angle of my index finger in this picture.  It was the only way I could get the shimmer to show.  These are both swatched over Hard Candy The End and Ulta Snow White as per ususal.  I'm sure you've already noticed why I'm 'dupe testing' these.  They are both multi-tonal shimmers packed into jelly bases.  Yes, the Orly is packed into a lilac base while the Essie is in a clear one.  But tell me, do YOU see a difference?

Orly Twilight and Essie Pure Pearlfection.  Artificial Lighting.

Naturally I assumed that on a white base it would be blatently obvious which was the Essie and which was the Orly.  Not so.  The lilac base in the Orly didn't even show on white after THREE coats.  After which point I stopped trying.   To my eyes they look exactly alike.   In this picture, the Orly looks a bit murkier but I can assure you that this is mostly due to the lighting and the shadow in the picture.  It also seems that over white, they lose a lot of their multi-tonal effect and show mostly as a white-ish, silvery shimmer rather than a colorful one.

Orly Twilight and Essie Pure Pearlfection. Artificial Light.
 Over black they look exactly the same as well.  The colorful shimmer is easier to see here than it is on the white but again, the murky lilac base of the Orly Twilight makes no appearance here.  From what I can tell, these polishes are essentially the same.

Verdict: Close enough for spades.

I know the price difference on these two isn't much BUT if you weren't lucky enough to snag the Essie LuxeEffects polishes you may have been able to score the Orly at Sally during their winter clearance sale for just $1.67.  Yes, you read that correctly. One dollar and sixty-seven cents.  Orly's do also contain a SMIDGE more product than their polish counterparts.  The Essie is a 15mL while the Orly is 18mL.

Where to buy: Both of these are from 'limited edition' collections this winter.  The Essie was available at Ulta and select drugstores nationwide.  Orly can be purchased at Ulta and Sally Beauty Supply stores.

After I did this comparison I ended up with a free Holiday set from Sally Hansen.  I noticed right away that one of the included colors was a look alike for these two polishes so I threw it in.  And please excuse my little nubbin nails, new year, new nails, remember? ;)


Essie Pure Pearlfection 
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Diamond
Retail Cost: 4.99

Essie Pure Pearlfection on the left and Sally Hansen Diamonds on the right.

Looks pretty similar, no? And on the nails?

Left to right: Orly Twilight, Essie Pure Pearlfection, Sally Hansen Diamonds
I went ahead and swatched the Orly as well just to further prove my point!  They are EXACTLY the same.  Exactly.  The pictures don't pick it up, even in sunlight (the above picture is natural light) but they do have a pink, purple, and greenish shimmer to them.  And even in this pic you STILL can't see the lilac tint of the Orly.  This is one coat each over Hard Candy The End.

Verdict: Dupes.

Sally Hansen Diamond line can be purchased a drustores nationwide. So if you missed out on the LE Orly and Essie polishes, you can still get your shimmery fix!!

Thanks for following! Do you have any of these polishes?

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  1. Wow that is amazing!! Love it! I can't believe the lilac didn't show!!

  2. Awesome! You're killing it with the dupe posts lately

  3. Awesome! I'm so glad I got the Orly one on clearance at Sally's!
    You should make a link to all your dupes!

  4. Thanks for these dupes posts. Saves me money! I have the Essie polish and I just got Orly Twilight while shopping at Sally's for insanely cheap. But they're pretty enough I don't mind having two. Now I know to pass on the SH one.

  5. Awesome Comparison! Crazy how orly wasn't different!

  6. WOW! Just goes to show what you see in the bottle isn't always indicative of what you'll see on your nails.


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