Purple Heart Tart

10:16 AM

A super sparkly mani for today because my week is starting out not so super sparkly!  Sparkles make everything better, right?  There are a few things that led to today's color combo.  I wanted to try out my new Barry M Lilac Foil for starters.  It's odd because I have a few 'foil' finish polishes already.  My favorites are the Orly Foil FX line.  Not only are they metallic and shiny but they also have a micro shimmer throughout which makes them just gorgeous on the nail.  The Barry M foils...well...not so much.  They can be streaky, they dry to an odd flat-ish finish, and they're not incredibly shiny OR sparkly on the nail.  They're kind of like the flat, gross side of the roll of aluminum foil!  After three coats and still streaks I decided to cover it up with something more flashy.  Enter Tart with A Heart.  I LOVE this butterLONDON color.  It was part of their holiday collection this year and it's just mesmerizing.  There are all different colors of glitter throughout it, even black, and it looks completely different depending on what color it's used over. I actually quite liked this combination, even if it is lacking in the creativity department!!

Enjoy and thanks for following! :) 

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  1. You're right. When our day ain't that sparkly it's good do wear something sparkly... hope you're better now... Moreover, this polish is dazzling... gorgeous, and elegant.
    I invite you to learn about my blog, it's bilingual, bilingual, hope you like the polishes there =D
    Rock Ur Outfit

  2. looks good - hope it works it's magic on you xxxx

  3. This color is great! I don't own any Butter London but I may need to get this one soon!

    BTW, I nominated you for an award. You can pick it up here http://www.glitterobsession.com/2012/01/kreativ-blogger-award.html

  4. It looks great!! New follower from A Pop! of Polish.



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