Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge: Animal Print Nails

3:24 PM

Today's Purple Crumpet Fairy challenge was to do animal print nails.  I was a little non-plussed for this one because animal print is not really my thing and also because I've done A LOT of animal print nails.  My favorite ones so far were the striped leopard nails I did awhile back. Mostly because they were animal print, yes, but not your standard leopard or zebra print nail. They were outside of the box.  So for today's challenge, I wanted to go outside the box again with the print!  The cute little guy you see above is a Brazilian Tapir.  They are pig-like (though not related genetically to the pig) animals which live in South America and are considered endangered.  I actually do a lot of work with endangered species organizations (mostly for the African Elephant and the Clouded Leopard) so it was sort of a fun challenge for me because of that!  Anyway...on to the nails!

I used Essie Sand Tropez for the base color and then used a brush and a stamp to create the lighter and darker areas of the stripes with China Glaze Ingrid.  Then I went back and added a few dots to the darker spots with the Sand Tropez.  I hope you all enjoy the art and thanks for following! :)  What kinds of causes are you involved/interested in?

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  1. Yes, I love this! Such a cute lil guy, too :)

  2. Wow, your stamping looks just like him!! I really enjoy your blog, so I am giving you The Liebster Blog Award. It is your turn to pass it on to 5 more bloggers. You can find the rules on my blog

  3. Your mani is lovely, Bee! You're so creative! I love it!


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