Dangerous curves ahead...

8:08 AM

These nails were the result of a lot of glitter sandwich experiments!!  The base color on this, P2 Dangerous, is quite sheer and jelly like on the first coat.  You can't really tell in the picture but after three coats it was still a tiny bit sheer.  I layered it with Color Club Sugar Plum Yum because I hate the scent on it and I was hoping a few layers of polish and some top coat would mask the scent.  Then the whole thing got messed up and when I started over I didn't have the patience to redo all the layers to make the sandwich. So I went with an open faced (lol) and just put a coat of glitter over the P2.  The Seche Vite topcoat DID actually mask the scent of the polish  pretty well. :)  Thanks for following! 

Have you tried a glitter sandwich?

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  1. That glitter is really pretty! Great mani :)

  2. I love the colors of the polish and glitter! Its so pretty!

  3. Haven't tried one yet, but definitely have been meaning to! This is gorgeous :)


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