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It's Sunday and that means it's time for some updates! As you can see from the above picture, the biggest update is that I'm medically cleared to return to yoga! Which would be awesome except that with an eight week old princess at home it's not so easy to squeeze yoga time in. But that being said, I promised myself that as soon as I was cleared to I would start my daily workouts again so even if I have to do the 30 minutes in 10 minute spurts I'm going to push through and get them done.

Today the princess was extra fussy so I let her do her tummy time while I finished up.  It actually worked out pretty well because following my yoga routine she fell asleep and we're going on two hours of naptime here. So that's a win!

I also found time to try out a new mask today.  I left a little hint about it on my Instagram page.  It's a clay mask which is not my favorite but I actually quite liked it. It went on smoothly, didn't burn or sting, removed easily and left my skin feeling clean and smooth.  I'm not sure how much it did for my pores though...

This is the mask I used. It was a sample in a Target beauty box awhile back I believe. The website describes it as so:
Vichy's first mineral face mask combining two ultra-fine white clays with Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water to help eliminate excess sebum and impurities for purified pores and softer skin.

So I guess it lived up to it's description. It did leave my face less oily but not dry, my skin is softer, and my pores look clean.  It has a bit of a scent though so if you're not into perfumed masks you'll want to skip this one. Also because I'm obsessive and hate to waste things, I decanted my packet into a jar.  The sample size has two packets which is meant to be enough for two masks...

The full size jar retails for $20.

But this is what was left of one packet after I did my full face. So I feel like you could do one full face and one T-zone with a packet or if you combine the packets you could get three full face masks out of it.  Win! Next week you'll start to see the fall Zoya's hit my Instagram and hopefully by the week after they'll be up here.  My twelve weeks with my little girl are almost up so things will get super hectic once I'm back at work!

What have you been up to this week?

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