White heart...

4:28 PM

These are the nails I actually wore on Valentines Day.  I've done heart shaped leopard before and I loved it so I decided to do it again with some different colors. What I love about it is that it's not so OBVIOUSly Valentines themed. It's pink and has hearts but from a distance it's kind of just pink leopard.  I love holiday's and themed nails but I don't always have time to change it right away and for that reason I really love that these transition right into regular life instead of looking stale. I used a new OPI glitter I picked up for the accent nail.  I'm not super in love with it so it may be headed for my blog sale. It's just sort of...meh.  Anyway I hope you're all having a good weekend! Have you tried heart shaped leopard yet?

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  1. doing something like this is def on my february list :)

  2. lovely mani



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