An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards...

10:50 AM

These are some simple nails I did for an event awhile back.  Since the event was for butterLONDON, it seemed fitting to use their colors for my nails!  I started with Fiver, a gorgeous mint green which is perfect for Spring and Summer.  Then I wanted to add a copper accent on it somehow.  I started with the idea of a half moon but then I decided, for whatever reason, to try out some arrows.  I used The Old Bill and a small art brush for that.  It could use some better precision, but I really loved the results!!  I hope you all enjoy them and thanks for following!!

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  1. The colors compliment each other perfectly!

  2. This is really really cute!!! I love it!

  3. Really cute!! Love the colour combo!

  4. Sort of rustic and folksy; I really like this pattern! I never would have thought of putting arrows on my nails!


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