Sparrow me the Shatter

4:24 PM

So I finally used the Silver Shatter I got with my Pirates of the Carribean collection.  I have to say, while I love the shatter (and this one is a MUST HAVE) I really wasn't a fan of it over the Pirates colors.  I think the reason for that is that: A) the colors are muted and the silver isn't that much of a stand-out effect over the top and B) I love these colors so much it feels like a shame to cover them up.  I really don't say that often about colors (well...ok...butterLONDON colors maybe!) but there's something really awesome about this particular collection.  I really love how all the colors are just a bit grungy looking, even the pinks!  If you don't have this shatter you should get it for sure because unlike all the other shatters, this one has micro-glitter in it and with a top coat (and definitely use a topcoat) the shatter shimmers in the sunlight like nothing else.  It's a really nice effect.  I'm hoping the China Glaze metallic collection of crackles will be similar!

Base is: OPI POTC Sparrow Me the Drama.  One coat of OPI Silver Shatter on top and two coats of Seche Vite!

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