Empties for July 2017

10:51 AM

I'm a little behind on getting this up but here are my empties for the month of July.  I really didn't do so well last month but since I'm still on leave from work I really don't put on makeup much and honestly, I don't have a lot of time to put on beauty products of any kind.  That being said I think I did decently under the circumstances!  I really loved the PhotoHydra moisturizer.  I don't think it made my face look extra special like it claims it will but it was light and moisturizing and it didn't have a heavy scent.  I'm also super sad to be out of my Too Faced Born This Way foundation.  But it's too dark for the cooler months anyway (and this is the LIGHTEST color!) so it's not the worst thing in the world. Plus Influenster just sent me a YSL foundation to try out which I am LOVING so it's kind of a win/win. Other than that none of these products really wowed me.  I had high expectations for the Kate Somerville stuff since I love her but I really don't have any serious wrinkles and I didn't see any difference in them even using the eye cream and wrinkle serum religiously. Hopefully I'll do better for August!!

Have you used any of these items? What's your favorite?

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