MAY-JAH Polish Haul!!

9:12 PM

I set out today to pick up some Milani Holo's becuase I saw them on another person's blogger and they look SO pretty in the sunlight.  Granted, they're no GOSH Holo (which is my personal Holy Grail of holo-polish!) but certainly sparkly and pretty and no where near as costly!  I did finally find them at CVS so I picked up two of them.  Well...after that things just sort of got out of hand! I stopped by ULTA to replace by butterLONDON polish remover (since SOMEone spilled half of it and casually blamed it on the cat!) and while I was there I ended up picking up four butterLONDON's (got my remover for free!!) and an Orly Pin-Up collection polish.  To round out my day I stopped by DrugMart --just to SEE if maybe they had anything exciting -- AND...HOLY GOOD TIMING! They had the ENTIRE Burlesque collection. I mean, are you kidding?! There's no way I was passing that up. Already two of the colors I bought are going for 11.50 and 29.99 on Amazon! Hello good find!  Also stopped by the Drug Mart nearer my home and picked up some of the more costly ones to distribute to my polish friends (extras are now on amazon!  So today I ended up with a pretty serious polish haul! And...probably won't be getting anymore for awhile (at least not after Tuesday when the POC is in stores!)

From left to right the top row is: Milani Holo in Hi Tech, OPI Burlesque in Extra-va-vaganza!, Sparkle-icious, Glow Up Already, Simmer & Shimmer, Show it and Glow it!, and Bring on the Bling and Milini Hi Res. Bottom row is: Orly Pin Up Collection in Here Comes Trouble, butterLONDON in Lady Muck, Tea With the Queen, Britsh Racing Green, and The Old Bill. The pumpkin was a 99 cent glow in the dark polish I snagged just for fun! really does glow in the dark too! :)

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