Pandas, pokemon, and princesses

7:55 PM

Today's three hour nail art is brought to you courtesy of the Boppy pillow. If you're not familiar with what that is it's basically a big pillow you can use to position your baby for nursing. And yes, I said THREE hours.  Mom life is rough when you want to polish your nails. ;)  So basically this simple manicure breaks down to polishing my nails white...and I ran out of my Zoya white so I had to use one by a company called LOOK.  I got the polish for free so I really shouldn't complain but frankly, it's junk. Three coats later and I still had to use my Seche Vite to smooth the white into a solid, opaque finish.  Seche is a lifesaver for a new mom, by the way.  Or anyone on a time crunch.  I did these one hand at a time because I knew I was unlikely to get a solid half hour without baby tears.  So it's polish, top coat, Boppy (nurse while you dry!) and then it's on to step two: the stamping. This was actually quite a bit easier than I imagined it would be, in part because I finally invested in a MoYou clear stamper and now that I can see what I'm doing stamping no longer takes me ten years and eight coats of polish.  So after the stamping comes more Seche and then voila! Pandas.  Hopefully when the princess is over her growth spurt and allows me more than a half hour at a time for doing, well anything really, I'll be able to get back to more intricate art.  So what else is going on in the world of Bee Polished?

If you're a Pokémon Go player than you probably know that Articuno and Lugia were recently put out into the world via raid battles.  I am both happy and also not happy about this. Happy because I want them and let's face it, if they ended up as rare spawns who knows when I'd get one.  Not happy because raid battles are so tricky.  You have to get enough people and drive out to them and then defeat the raid boss and then after ALL that you're still not even guaranteed the catch. Ridiculous. Oh and since I haven't been able to play in months due to my pregnancy (tons of complications had me on bed rest and pretty much unable to walk) I'm levels below all the other trainers. So yes, I'm the one with the Blissey in there. Yes, I know he's crap for offence but his defense is stellar and I have no problem riding out the battle while all the other guys take down the boss. Also not happy because it took me four raids to get ONE Articuno and three more raids to get my Lugia and I'm like 100% sure this is Niantic's not so subtle way of forcing us all to buy raid passes. I can't complain too much since I did get them but have you ever showed up to a liquor store parking lot at 7AM to meet a bunch of teenagers with a six week old in tow? Yeah. It looks like REAL great parenting to Poke-muggles. At any rate...the princess also got to take her first trip across state lines AND she went to the fair for the first time this month. So overall it wasn't too bad.  I will have up my empties tomorrow (hopefully!). I didn't do so great for July since I'm lucky to have time to shower anymore but I have plans to do better in August!

What have you all been up to this month?

Colors are:
LOOK polish White
China Glaze Liquid Leather

Plate is:
Animal 09 by MoYou London

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