Wednesday, January 28, 2015

There's oil in them thar hills!

So today's post is going up a little bit later than normal but can we all just take a moment to appreciate the reason? My husband gave me an early birthday present; a NEW computer with a TOUCH screen. I'm so excited to be using it and I can't believe how much easier it's making blogging!  At any rate today's 31 day challenge inspiration is a topper that isn't glitter. So I have some nails I actually did awhile back (hence the shorter length) which I've been dying to squeeze in somewhere! They're done by marbling the China Glaze Bohemian collection over a black creme! I LOVE the way it turns out. I hope you enjoy them! :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Back in the day...

Today's inspiration for the thirty one day challenge is to recreate an old mani you did.  I actually do this fairly frequently for my Flashback Friday segments and it's usually reserved for mani's that I did before I really had the skill to do them and now I that I do (or at least I'm closer!) I want to do them properly. For today's remake I just randomly chose one.  So here you go! This was originally done as part of the Purple Crumpet Fairy challenge which is funny as now I'm doing them again for Crumpets Nail Tarts! At any rate the original prompt was to use the oldest polish you had.  For me it was a now almost 18 year old bottle of Mary Kay.  Since that wasn't the challenge though I decided to go with a different base.  I also switched up the purple because I no longer have the Zoya I used originally.  Though I made a few changes I think it still counts as a remake! The original version is below! :)

Which is your favorite?

Monday, January 26, 2015

A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle...

Today the inspiration for the 31 day challenge is a fish tail braid.  I'll be honest, I tried this several times but I could not get the criss cross just right and at some point I gave up.  Yesterday was rough for me  ( hence why I skipped a day) and as you can see it was also rough on my nails as I'm now back to this squoval shape for a bit. It does feel a bit freeing in a way since when my nails get long they do get in the way somewhat but still it had to happen mid-challenge. At any rate I did this fish tail with alternating stripes rather than the overlapping layers.  Then I added some bright blue green nails to cheer myself up! ;P  Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Let's talk decals...

Today the challenge for Crumpets Nail Tarts 31 day challenge is decals. *Le sigh* let's talk about that for a minute. You have a few options when it comes to decals for your nails. You have your basic sticker type, water decals which work similarly to temporary tattoos, sticker type which are made with actual polish, Minx heat activated type, and the DIY options which include making them on plastic OR a stamper.  A lot of options right? I hate the stickers so we'll just get that out of the way right now. I've never seen them look like anything other than what they are; a sticker on your nail.

I have a few water decals I like fairly well but they're not full coverage and let's face it, I'd find a way to screw that up! So those are out too.  Then there are the sticker type which are made of polish which CAN actually look pretty decent. Notice I said CAN. Yeah....IF you have the exact perfect shape and size of nail for it and manage to get it stuck on just right and smooth it out before it's too late and then your top coat doesn't eat the top half and blah blah matter what size I choose I always end up with either half my nails naked or not enough large ones left to do my thumb becuase I had to cut them all down. WHO are they making these things for?

SO....having already tried and failed numerous times at decals on plastic I decided to go the stamper route.  It actually worked fairly well though I did have some issues.  For my first time doing it I feel very happy with the results.  I started with my ring finger and the decal was obviously too short so I improvised with the white at the bottom.  You can tell that I let that one dry too long (I used a fast dry topcoat which I know is meant to be a no-no but I've only got so much time!) and it cracked JUST slightly.  For my next several I only let them dry between three and five minutes before applying.  There is a touch of smudging which is blah but overall I'm satisfied.  In the future I think I'd wait a hair longer to apply the colors and the final topcoat layer.  I applied these directly to dry polish too since the decal was still tacky and I think that made things MUCH easier than my first attempt to apply one on wet polish. I hope you enjoy them! :)

Friday, January 23, 2015

Flashback Friday; These things go round...

Today's 31 day challenge inspiration was a white base.  I don't know why because I use white bases ALL the time BUT...I freaked out a little on this one.  I think after having some fairly specific days I got a little uneasy at such a wide parameter.  SO....the other day whilst perusing the web to see if I'd already used a certain title for one of my blogs (does that ever happen to you? lol) I came across a real gem of a mani from 2011.  Though the original mani was done on a light grey base I felt that white would work well too so I ran with it. So today you get a double dose of art!  Above you can see my version today.  Originally I think I had some trouble with the stamping, this being from my early stamping days, and in an effort to help it I decided to fill in the stamp some with a nail art brush.  I used the same stamp and color for stamping and I still didn't love the way it transferred but it certainly didn't go on terribly.  I filled in less of the circles this round and went with a matte topcoat instead of shiny.   I didn't love the end results the first time and I really still don't.  When you stamp the color transfer is much lighter than when you fill in with a brush so there's just a weird difference in the shade that bothers me.  However....I think I did a MUCH more preferable job this go round!  Scroll down for the original...if you dare!!

Don't get me wrong, I do like the design of this and I really like the blue on grey too.  I think for some reason the difference in depth of color is less noticeable on the original design and that may be due to the darker base. I think I like it better filled in more too but I wanted to leave it more clean this round.  But good grief check out that terrible cleanup and ragged mess of cuticles! I think this was from the days before blogging was anything for me other than a way to show my nails off to family and keep them all in one place for me to keep track of my progress!  At any rate, which version is your favorite?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Round and round it goes....

Today's challenge is a blobbicure.  Honestly, I had to google what that even meant although I had an idea.  This is the first time I've really tried this type of mani so I was more looking for specific tutorials.  I found a lot of videos but as I didn't have much time to watch them during the day I had to sort of wing it based on what I read.  That being said I think it came out rather nicely. In a way it reminds me of turtle shells and in another way it's sort of like a lava lamp.  I had set aside two blue shades to use and then I waffled on blobbing with yellow before ultimately deciding on this green shade.  I'm glad this was thrown in there because I will DEFINITELY be revisiting this in the future! I couldn't decide if I liked it better shiny or matte but I decided in the end I loved the shine (no topcoat on these super shiny Zoya shades btw!).  I've included the matte version for you to decide for yourself! :)


I hope you enjoy them!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It ain't easy being green...

Today the 31 day challenge inspiration is three shades of yellow or green.  Seeing as I never wear yellow I felt green was going to be a much easier way to go! Choosing the colors turned out to be much harder than I had anticipated though.  I have LOTS of green but many of them are minty and short of mixing three shades of mint I felt there were no greens that complimented them.  Even amongst the others finding three distinct shades which went well together wasn't the easiest. I started with the idea to marble half my nail so that made it harder since I wanted to use cremes for that.  In the end I didn't have the time to wait on them to dry enough to tape off sections for the marbling. I know, shocker, I didn't have time for a tape mani. lol...sooooo...I grabbed a glitter and then stamped a fun print on instead. I don't LOVE this design but I'm happy with it.  I definitely need to organize my collection again to make it easier to find things though! I hope you enjoy!

Here's a picture in full sun! The sparklies are so pretty but they distracted from the stamped design! :)