Monday, October 20, 2014

Waves of sunshine...

So...this mani is a bit of a fail. didn't come out quite how I'd hope it would and then I went to bed before it was dry and got some sheet marks (HATE THAT).  It didn't last long on my nails but I may attempt it again later since I think it could've been better.  I also think that a matte finish would have helped immensely but for some reason I didn't do it.  It started as in inspiration from a dress I saw on Leighton Meester. I'm not really a fan of hers -- not that I dislike her just she's never done anything that particularly interested me-- so I'm certain she must have worn the dress to some type of event but try as I have I can't seem to find it again.  Anyway it was a silk or satin dress with a blue wavy top and a keyhole cutout and then the midsection was white with a pastel yellow trim round the bottom. The colors were outlined with black creating a really graphic effect. If I'm honest the dress was rather terrible!  The idea wasn't bad but the fabric choice was terrible.  She looked like she was wearing rumpled bed clothes.  I DID however think it would be a cute mani.  I guess my execution was as bad as the designers though!  I really wanted to use these pastel, sparkly Zoya colors but then felt I needed something less stark than a pure white to make it work together.  So I used this satin finish Revlon which needed, like, ten coats to be opaque. Then I didn't plan the waves quite right and so that was a bit of a miss.  Then when I added the shiny top coat the whole soft finish of the Revlon was totally lost. So...just wasn't what I wanted.  But I do still think the inspiration is cute.  It reminds me of ocean waves and the sun on the horizon.

Just before posting I FOUND the dress!

So it's not AWFUL but look at that puckering around the seams! Micheal Kors would have a fit!! ;)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Hi Ho Silver Rose...

It's the final day of the Digital Dozen floral challenge.  As usual I've saved my favorite for last!  These nails were semi-planned and semi-accidental.  I actually did them before the challenge as I'd gotten a new stamper and I wanted to test it out.  It's more squishy than my other one and on this mani it worked wonderfully though I've had issues with it since. I suppose it's a learning curve! Anyway since I wasn't as familiar with placement when I stamped my first nail it was a little high.  Rather than try to match up the stamp to cover the nail I added a little glitter to the bottom!  I think it turned out really pretty. :)  I hope you've enjoyed floral week!  Please check out the other ladies art below! And remember you can keep up with the happenings of The Digital Dozen on our Facebook or Instagram. We'd love to see your themed mani's!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Peach Rose

Today's design is one I'm actually VERY happy with! I've struggled with these free hand roses in the past. Mostly it's the color choice that always gets me. They look so different until they go on my nail and then suddenly my rose is a blob of smudgy mess.  Today I have FINALLY found two colors that are similar enough but different enough to work!  I then finished it with some dots and stripes on the other nails. :)  It's sort of a spring manicure and it's decidedly autumn here but I loved the way it came out! Check out the other ladies art below! 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Paper the walls...

It's day three of floral week with The Digital Dozen!  Here's one of those stamping designs I mentioned earlier.  I actually had to re-do this one because the first time I had so much trouble with the image.  I got out of stamping for a long time and I just recently got more plates which has given me new inspiration.  However, it really is an art and I just haven't mastered it yet. Hopefully with more practice!  At any rate this reminds me of vintage wall paper or tea towels! I think it's one of my favorite stamping designs I have.  I used some butter London colors for the stamps and they came out better than I expected.  I love it when that happens! Check out the other ladies art below! :) 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Leopard Lillies...

Today's design is kind of a mash-up of things.  For Valentines Day a while back I did some heart shaped leopard print and it came out super cute.  I love leopard on my nails and I think it's fun to mix it up.  However this wasn't exactly what I planned!  I thought because the print is usually sort of mis-shapen that it would come together more easily but the shape of the flowers got a bit lost. Then I top coated too early and it dragged a little in places. I'll try this again with maybe a more circular floral shape (a rose might work better) but it actually did look pretty cute on my nails. I just think it ended up reading more multi-colored leopard than floral!  Check out the other ladies art below!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Digital Dozen does....FLORAL

It's Digital Dozen time again!! This week's challenge was floral. I have to admit it's not my favorite theme. If you look back over my designs you'll find I rarely do anything floral or even too girly really.  This made it a REAL challenge for me! I see really amazing designs all the time with flowers on them but it's just really not my thing so I had to search for inspiration!  I actually ended up with too many designs because at first I just grabbed all my floral stamps and went to town and then I thought, no, that's a cop out, I'm going to try harder than that.  So I apologize in advance for what is sure to be a very amateur week from me! The important thing is that I pushed myself and went for it though!  Today's design is based on a pattern I saw on a shirt.  When I first did it I left the centers of the flowers empty and I think I liked that better than after I added the yellow, but I digress. It's floral and not a total mess so I'm happy with it!! :) Check out what is sure to be much more amazing art from my fellow dozener's  below!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

It's all in the details...

Last week on a stroke of luck I managed to pick up some new Sephora Formula X colors for next to nothing.  Apparently they've changed the bottle shape again but the formula seems about the same to me.  I don't have many Sephora polishes, in the scheme of things they're no more costly than an OPI or an Essie but until recently the colors haven't been anything exciting.  At any rate at $2 each I couldn't pass them up.
This minty green one caught my eye (I'm a sucker for mints!) and I was pleasantly surprised at the two coat coverage.  I decided to add some purple chevrons to jazz it up a little!  It's sort of a spring mani for this time of year but hey, we all need a little brightness!! Here's my haul:

Most of what I found were creams which I LOVE but I have plenty of!! I snagged three sparkly Sephora by OPI colors, If You've Got it Haunt It, Spark-tacular Top Coat, and I Found a Pot of Gold (which I think is a dupe for a Jordana glitter I have).  Then I grabbed three Formula X colors, Hypochondriac, Jaded and Caddy. If you have a Big Lots near you, RUN and check out what they have! :)