Friday, December 12, 2014

Flashback Friday: Reindeer/Rudolph

It's the final day of the Digital Dozen's Winter Wonderland challenge week. For today's look I wanted to recreate a design that I did for another challenge several years ago! It continues to be my most popular post of all time and it's ironic because it was a design I just sort of threw together at the last minute! So these nails are based on this post, which was part of a 31 day challenge I did in 2011.  The days challenge was Rudolph and/or Reindeer.  Thing is I was SO sick that day and it had snowed so of course it was FREEZING outside.  I was already twelve days into the challenge and I wasn't about to miss a day so I hauled myself out of bed and threw together this look with reindeer pulling a sled.  As almost an afterthought I added a little red nose to the lead reindeer and while I was happy with the look it certainly wasn't what I considered my BEST work.  Sometimes that's the way it works out!  I still think the lighting was better in my original post but there has been just NO sun whatsoever recently here and while at that time I had days off I now have an 8-5 job so it's fairly dark when I get home.  SO...that said. The original look is below.  I still had most of the original polishes so I used Models Own Bloo Bloo again for the base with a topper of My Blue Lacquer's Space Lift.  I added a snowy gradient to the bottom this go round, painted a little bag onto the sled and stamped my reindeer in brown rather than black, although I think I prefer the black deer.  I also did Rudolph's nose a bit smaller! Which look do you prefer?

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

In a Winter Wonderland...

It's day four of the Digital Dozen's Winter Wonderland challenge. I can't believe how fast this week is going!  I had some fun with this design but it really didn't come out nearly as nice as I wanted it to.  I really need to look into some smaller snowflake stamps.   At any rate I did like the gradient and the snow glitter.  I was hoping it would come out with a litte more depth but you win some ya lose some! Check out what's sure to be some incredible art from my fellow dozeners below! 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Frozen in Space...

You might notice I'm sort of dipping in and out of this weeks challenge.  I've had a rather tough month leading up to this challenge and I wasn't really able to get ahead so I apologize for that. You'll also notice the change in length on my nails. I usually do a full start over in January BUT this time it was for other reasons I had to start over. I had a job interview for a promotion at work and there are often type tests involved so in an effort to look professional and do the very best I can I chopped them. It worked though, I was told yesterday that I got the promotion! So I'll be happy to look at my little nubs knowing my polish budget just went WAY up. ;) At any rate these nails are meant to be an icy galaxy. I hope you enjoy them!!

Check out the other girls work below!

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Digital Dozen does...Winter Wonderland

It's time for another week of art with The Digital Dozen.  The theme of this week is Winter Wonderland.  You're going to have to excuse the changing length and shape of my nails as this week progresses. I had a job interview and  had to cut them down. Having stiletto nails which are short is a challenge so I rounded them out until they grow back.  At any rate these are some Frozen inspired nails I did for my nieces birthday.  They feel very wintery so it seemed like a great choice to start the week!

Please check out the other girls artwork below!!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Leader of the pack...

Apologies for being so slow with the posts here lately.  I've had lulls before, usually due to health issues or work but this time it was for something I never wanted to face.  My grandma passed away on Thanksgiving Day.  It was somewhat unexpected and it's been very hard on my family and I.  I'm trying to get back into the game here and do some nail art but I'm just really not feeling it lately.  A week before she went I spent a day in the hospital so it's just been a tough time all the way round. That said here's a design I did awhile back.  I was sort of playing with different techniques and trying to use some fun 3D nail accents.  It came out pretty well I think.  I love the ring finger with the negative space.  Which is your favorite?

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Barielle Jetsetter Collection

Today I have some swatches of another new collection from Barielle.  I didn't have a ton of experience with Barielle before this year because they're difficult to find in my area, but I have to say I'm really loving these. Not only are they shiny and creamy, they're great for stamping!  At any rate this collection contains six more colors for Fall/Winter.  Above is my favorite of the bunch. It's called Kiss Me Kate and it's a gorgeous creamy neutral.  I've already used it a million times! It's perfect for my skin tone. Plus, above is two coats with no top coat and just LOOK at that shine!

Next up is Rain In Spain.  I love the name on this one, My Fair Lady is a GREAT classic film!  The color is also nice but nothing special to my collection.  Still it's flattering and again, super shiny with great coverage.

This next one is a real stunner.  Midnight in Paris is a GORGEOUS deep blue with a nice shimmer.  It leans just slightly purple and it really lights up on your nails!  So pretty for this time of year.

Autumn in Seoul is another real standout in the bunch. This one is a metallic copper shimmer. Not only is it super pretty on it's own, it stamps like a dream!

Then we have Irish Eyes, a mossy green.  Again two coats, no top coat. Super shiny and so flattering.

Finally we have Gondola Ride. A lighter creamy sage green.  Overall I really liked this collection. While some of the colors weren't unique to my collection, they all have great formulas and as I stated above, they stamp quite nicely as well!  Which is your favorite?

Barielle colors are vegan, 5 free and cruelty free. You can purchase them at or any authorized retailer.

**These polishes were provided to me for my honest review. I have not been compensated for my opinion**

Friday, November 14, 2014

Flashback Friday: Happy Thanksgiving

It's the final day of Thankfulness (In it's wildest form!) with The Digital Dozen!  Today's nails are also Flashback Friday nails and we're flashing WAY back to 2011!  The other day my 2011 Thanksgiving Day nail art was featured on the ABC show, The Chew, which got me thinking two things: one, how horrific my nail art and photography was three years ago, and two, how far I've come in the last three years and how far I can go in the future.  Here is the original art which aired on TV...

I mean it's decent. The clean-up isn't terrible, the art is fairly well executed.  I was still taking the pictures over my bathroom sink though and the color on this picture is just terrible!  While I still have MILES to go I'm so thankful for the past three years of blogging and for the accomplishments I've had, whether small or large. I'm thankful for the hours of fun and creative outlet it's given me, for the friends I've made, and the things it's pushed me to do in my life. Like getting my nail license and learning acrylics!  Overall it's given me a lot of joy and I'm very thankful to have stuck with it!!

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