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This is an indie post!! Today I'm showing you a polish from an Etsy seller called LynB Designs.  The color?  Zero.  Zero is described as a "...sheer white base, with a small amount of red fine glitter. Loaded with medium black hexes, red hearts, white stars, and white hearts." 
 Two things I will say about the description given.  One:  I didn't find the base to be very sheer.  This swatch is over two coats of Zoya Purity so don't judge it on that!! But in the pics below you'll notice that it's more of a milky base than a sheer one.  Two: perhaps it's just that I'm used to crammed bottles of glitter (like with the Shimmer polishes I received recently) but it didn't seem very loaded to me.  Now...those things aside, the polish is a unique color.  I actually thought it was reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland with the colors and the hearts.  I'm reminded of cards and poker!! 

This is one coat of Zero.  You can really see the red glitter in this and there are a few bar glitters on there but so far as being "loaded" I'm just not seeing it.  I did NOT do any maneuvering on these coats.  Whatever came out of the bottle is on my nails. You can also see that the base is already fairly visible even though it's just one thin coat.

This is two coats.  So now you can see that there are some more bars, a few more large glitters and the base is REALLY starting to get opaque.  There is still visible nail line and honestly, I wouldn't say this is a creme. It's reminiscent of Essie Marshmallow.  A white or off white jelly. If you look at the original glitters which were on the nail you can see how the second coat has sort of muted them a bit.

Here we have three coats.  And again you can see that mostly it added some bars and red glitter.  The pictures on the Etsy store list that they are three coats but if that's true then the formula on mine is way different than what is swatched because the base on this is very obvious after it builds up.  I wasn't super in love with it after I got three coats on.  At this point, most of the large glitters are on one nail, and the white ones aren't super visible due to the opacity of the base.  It did dry to a pretty shiny finish but I always add Seche anyway because I'm impatient!  For the original picture you saw at the top I used two coats of Zoya Purity and then two coats of Zero using the "dab" technique to fish glitters out of the bottle and place them on my nail.  That's not uncommon with polishes with large glitters, even mainstream brands like OPI require this technique with some of their polishes.  After I'd done that I really LOVED the look.  I got a lot of compliments on it and like I said, it really has a very Alice in Wonderland look to it at the finish.  As a stand alone polish though, I don't think I'd wear it.  In the swatches on the Etsy store, she swatched it over other colors. I tried this but the base on mine just made it look a hot mess.  It MIGHT work over other very light colors but it will certainly mute the base.  

 Which way do you prefer this polish?

You can purchase Zero and other LynB polishes by visiting her Etsy store.

This polish was sent to me for my honest review. I have not been compensated for my opinions.

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