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Today I have a new series for you!! I know, I don't have enough already!! This is a challenge that I was asked to join and I couldn't say no!  The challenge is to use a polish for each letter of the alphabet.  We're going to be doing them one week at a time, so 25 weeks from now we should have gone through each letter.  I'm starting today with the letter "A" and the aptly named, Zoya Apple.  Apple is a luminous yellow-toned apple green packed with gold metallic sparkle.  It's a bit sheer, this is three coats and there's still some VNL.  But it's so pretty who cares! It has such a pretty sparkle to it that I decided to go ahead and matte it to see how it looked.

Isn't it SO pretty?  I loved it matte and wasn't so into it shiny but my husband preferred the shiny version!  I love polishes like this though because when they look great both ways it's kind of a two for one!  So naturally after I had it matted I decided to add some art work...

Yeah so it's not super exciting! But since I knew it was only for the day I decided to go simple.  I used Zoya Kennedy and Jo for the dots and I left them shiny for contrast.  

Do you have Zoya Apple?

Don't forget to check on the other ladies in the challenge:


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  1. I LOVE Zoya apple! This also looks amazing with your skintone.

  2. Such a pretty green, i love it matte!

  3. I love a green and this one is double special as you mattified it love it :D and the dots :D


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