You RED my mind...

7:00 AM

Day four has arrived!!  Because I added so much on day three I was a little stumped on day four.  There wasn't really anywhere to go and adding more seemed like it would probably make a hot mess.  The rule is no removing so rather than trying to go back to basics I just covered the gold with black and then added a white stripe near the edge for contrast.  I left the gold dots and decided to call it a day so I'd have something to work with on day five!  I'm pretty proud of myself for going four days just adding and not subtracting because it's really harder than it sounds!  I think next time I attempt it I might do more planning ahead instead of just feeling it out everyday!  I hope you're all enjoying the evolution!  Check out my RED-mate's designs for the day as well!! Thanks for following!!

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  1. Loving this challenge! This looks so good :)

  2. love it - can't wait for you to show them all lined up xx

  3. girl! this is awesome but i think we can remove, i hope so, because i did!

    1. It wasn't part of the challenge!! Just an extra rule I gave myself to see if I could do it!


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