Blue Skies Ahead...

7:35 PM

Today's Spring Challenge was Mr. Blue Skies. As I've been ill with the flu these past few days I'm using this picture of a mani I did back toward the beginning of February.  I was doing a Spring mani to cheer myself up from the wintery weather at the time and now it seems all too fitting for the theme!! I used Zoya Kirsten as a base and then added clouds with Revlon White on White.  Then I added a little flower using Leighton Denny Hepburn, and Zoya Pippa. Then I added a little bee using Hard Candy The End and added some little dots to make a "bee trail" with the same polish.  The green stems were an off name Indian polish one of my classmates loaned me!  Hope you enjoy and thanks so much for following!!

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