Vintage Pendant

7:12 PM

It's time for another Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge!!! This week's challenge was chosen by Joy, and it's a manicure based on your favorite piece of jewelry.  I went back and forth a hundred times on this one.  I have SO much jewelry and it's a struggle for me to say what's my one favorite piece.  Debbie aptly pointed out that I'm married and therefore my favorite piece of jewelry may be my wedding band.I have to say, while my wedding set does mean a lot to me on a sentimental level (and is easily the most gorgeous piece of jewelry I own!)I don't know that it's my favorite in a more aesthetic sense.I finally decided to go with a pendant I got awhile back.The pendant itself is made from a vintage bead and the necklace is just beautiful.I also feel like it really sums up my style: vintage, ornate but still demure, eye catching, and definitely one of a kind!I hope you love these nails as much as I did!

Here's a picture of them with the pendant:

The base coat is Models Own Jade Stone and the gold is Orly Luxe. :)

Thanks for following! What's your favorite piece of jewelry?

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  1. I love this!!! I love the gold on jade!! So pretty!

  2. i love this jade polish and this is such a pretty mani. Lovely!

  3. I love the green! Also your design is wonderful!


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